Design Activism

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I believe the campaign for Queensland Conservation which promotes the idea of no more new coal mines falls under the category explained by Thorpe “Framing the problem”. This campaign uses graphics, typography and fashion to push forward the need of awareness on this environmental issue. The campaign goes on to give information and “focuses on engaging the broad electorate in a readily relatable language.” In Thorpes criteria she states “Whether design activism is instigated by designers, or by activist clients, it is still the work of the designer to use spatial and material means to frame issues and articulate disruptions to the status quo.” (Thorpe, date unknown, p.10) This example is just that, the designers simple creating for awareness. This is a simple example of design activism but one that can reach a greater audience through its simplicity. Thorpe also notes “In a classic sense, activism often reveals an injustice or wrongdoing, but it may also frame a better alternative—it may be generative.” (Thorpe, date unknown, p.5)

One thought on “Design Activism

  1. Hi, Dita. You have presented a thoughtful analysis and made a good attempt at APA referencing – well done. I do feel there was room for more relevant quotes on occasion. For example, I am unsure how this example relates to Thorpe’s ideas on the role of the designer to frame issues and disrupt the status quo – some further discussion here would be needed. Also, be sure to include citations for all direct quotes, include a reference list, and double check for a date for your source. Regards, Jonathan.
    Grade: Pass


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