Response 5: Letter arguing for funds

Charlie Sunday
Charity Funding
Level 7, 220 Victoria St
Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia

Dear Charlie Sunday,

One child dies every 60 seconds from Malaria, a disease caused by a single mosquito bite. Our Permanet insecticide-treated bed nets have prevented more than one billion people from Malaria related deaths. We are winning the fight to defeat Malaria. 

Our most successful campaign yet has been in partnership with the UN NothingButNets foundation, where we raised over $60 million to help deliver 10 million nets to those in need, along with other aids such as diagnostics, treatment, and training of healthcare workers. With more nets we can save money on these extra costs of treatment and healthcare training. 

Our nets not only prevent the spread of Malaria but allow pregnant women from spreading the disease to their unborn, to protect vulnerable children and to allow for a better, safer night sleep for all. 

We work with our UN partners and local governments to identify locations with the greatest need for our net designs with more and more communities in need of our product.

Our blue nets are designed to be long lasting, with a non-repeat slow release of insecticide deltamethrin. They are the most tested long-lasting insecticidal nets on the market, and sell for $10 a net. However it has come to our attention that insecticide resistance has already been found in many countries. 

So we would like you to join us in raising awareness and funds to support us in creating the most superior technology, to help us fund the research and production of our life saving Permanets. 

Warm regards,


Dita Irikian



One thought on “Response 5: Letter arguing for funds

  1. Hi, Dita. You have presented a clear and concise response that addresses the requirements of this week’s task to a high standard – well done. The only issues I could spot were some missing hyphens for compound modifiers such as malaria-related, long-lasting and life-saving. Regards, Jonathan.
    Grade: HD


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