Response 6: Reflections

The weekly topic I found most interesting was actually three weeks, week 9, 10 and 11. All about sustainability, waste=food and design for nature. I feel like it’s not so much a personal interest that has been sparked more so just as a human the topic of sustainability and eco friendly anything is innately important. 

I did find week 9 particularly helpful in reassuring myself in continuing with the path of design, that there are ways to be environmentally conscious and also create a large positive impact not only on the environment but on others. As designers we have the power to influence people and encourage mindfulness and awareness through our designs, whether it be just through the physical design and its materials or through a campaign.  

The reading that I found most interesting was the week 9 reading “Design for a sustainable future”, which I found very eye opening, and a reminder of the state our planet is in due to over consumption. I found the facts stated in the reading regarding the large quantities of resources being used up, or the number of endangered animals resonated with me. This type of information sparked motivation to start to take action and to really immerse myself and want to learn more. 

Unrelated to whole sustainable side of things the response/task I found most useful in building academic skills was Response 3: Journal Research, as this got the ball rolling on researching and constructing an argument for the Issue Essay which I otherwise would have put off. 

Overall I enjoyed learning about how design and environment sustainability can work together becuase it’s something that actually matters, it’s something with true meaning and importance. It has created a sense of purpose behind pursuing design rather than just a skill or interest. 

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